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  • Not As A Racists 
  • Not As Minorities
  • Not AS Dissenters
  • Not As Intimidators
  • Not Spreaders of False Narratives
True Americans
It's Time We All Work Together In Our
Communities as true
Americans First... 

Lets Not Focus On Being Democrats, Republicans, Black, White, Red, Brown, Straight, Gay Or Otherwise.

How Can I Truly Be An American First!

Six (6)Easy Steps To Being A True American First...
  1. Recognize and appreciate the Freedoms You Have!
  2. Realize that That freedom is a result of liberty that is a result of the "Rule Of Law" and "Justice For All"!
  3. Have a real desire to help maintain that liberty in your community!
  4. Understand and believe that you really can make a difference by just taking an active role as a citizen of your community.
  5. Be willing to take a stand by letting your voice be heard on the issues that are most effecting our values, our liberties, our freedoms, our families and our everyday Lives!
  6. Learn of and Become an active member of the revolutionary new community based platform... 
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Explore & Join Your Local Town Hall Today. 
But First... Learn More About
Being An American First
By joining together we can bring peaceful and powerful stability to our communities and our country. Join your local Town hall and become a...
Peaceful Patriot in Your community today! 
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We are the people
of America.

What Is America?

By: Bill Misrasi - 09/2021

What Does It Mean...

Be An American First?

To Be An American 1st

Also Means...

We stop being influenced by false narratives and money driven media agendas!
  • We stop allowing everything to become politicized and start making it Americanized!
  • It's time we all just be Americans, Peaceful Americans!
  • If the political parties want to be divided then let them have their battles.
  • But let's be the Everyday People that use reason and common sense to guide our choices.
  • Let's do away with all the division.
Let's not let the few noise makers rule the silent majority!
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It Especially Means...

Are We Really Free?

We Can Be With A True Desire For Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!
Who Does America
Belong To?
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Republicans-Democrat images.png
Multiple Parties...
One people!
We Are The Everyday People. America Is Ours Not the Governments. You Know... Of The People, By The People & For The People! 
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"How Can We Better... 
"Be An American 1st"
In Our Communities?"
Study and Get To Know American History
  1. Become more proactive 
  2. Get More Familiar with the Constitution
  3. Attend or watch your local County Commission meeting
  4. Attend a school board meeting
  5. Attend or watch online your local City council 
  6. Become a County or State Delegate in the next election
  7. Get involved in service projects
  8. Visit and volunteer at the local food kitchen
  9. Reach out to help a neighbor
  10. Learn About The New
    Peoples Town Hall
How Can We Be More Proactive 
In Making A Difference As Citizens In Our Communities?
It Starts By Building Open & Transparent Communications and at the local level!

It's got to be about individuals in the communities stepping up with a desire to do something. And then it's about providing those individuals with the ability and resources to take action. It's about not complaining about how things are, but instead, stand out and demand change! Let's not verbally destroy our current representatives just because they aren't doing things exactly as we wish, let's just peacefully express our discontent, demand true and transparent reporting of their actions, and then let's help find and support better people to run for offices in the next elections...

...then get out and vote!

The future of America
is truly in the hands of the people. It's literally up to us to make sure it continues as a free country! 
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Listen to the powerful words of one of our greatest presidents!
(In My Opinion)
Watch Video
 It's Time To Awaken The
Voice Of the "Everyday People"
In Our Communities 
and let them Be Heard!
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It's Time We All Work Together In Our Communities.
Not As A Racists 
Not As Minorities
Not AS Dissenters
Not As Intimidators
Not Spreaders of False Narratives
It's Just Time To
Be A Transparent  

Everyday American People...Who Love Their Neighbors, Communities, Country and Their Liberties!
We Are More Than Just Individual citizens...
We Are one of the thousands of People In Our Local Communities who make up the more than 330 Million Every Day People In Thousands of Communities
Across America...
...And We Want To Be Heard!
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Let's Get Proactive In our Communities, Where Our Voices Can Be Heard and our actions Can Truly Make A
Why should we love
being Americans
Let's come to know and appreciate our American heritage 
Let's Make sure that 
those who have been elected,
to represent us are the ones making the laws and not the Bureaucrats!
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Remember: We are a Republic... A form of government in which a state is ruled by representatives of the citizen body.
Now Is The Time To...
Join Your Local "Peoples Town Hall"
And Start Making A Diference Today
When You Join Your Local Town Hall You will become an active supporter of The "Be An American First" Network. You will have access to all of the information, tools and resources necessary to take a greater role as we the every day people become
a greater voicein America. Join Your Local Town Hall today!
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Together We Can Defend Our Liberty!

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It Has Been Said That The Only Way For Evil To Win Is When Good Men and Women Do Nothing!
As We The Everyday People Come Together...
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Let's Take A Stand:



  • A Stand For The GOOD Of Mankind!
  • A Stand for the good of our country!
  • A Stand for the good of our families!
  • A Stand for the good of our souls! 
  • A Stand For The Constitution!
  • A Stand For Our Communities! 
  • A Stand For WE The Everyday People!
 This Is The Call To Action  
We Invite You To Start A
"People's Town Hall"
In Your Community Today!