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we are excited to bring to you, as a matter of our support for a more knowledgeable American People,  a variety of videos, podcasts and blogs. most of them are currently available on You Tube as well as the publishers websites. We invite to watch read and share any and all of this information. Share it out to your networks of acquaintances to help refresh and educate  all people who are desirous to live free continually To remember where our freedoms started and what it has taken to build the greatest country in the world. please feel free to Join, Donate and Support the cause of Continual Freedom In America. 

Knowledge Is Power
Through The Process Of Education We will Re-Awaken & Re-Empower The People
To Remain Free In Our Country
of The Brave Citizens!

What Does The Democratic Party Of Utah Stand For...


Utah Democratic Party Platform 2020:

What Utah Democrats Believe

Economic security

We believe that all Americans deserve the peace of mind brought by economic security. We recognize that bad things can happen to good people. As Democrats, we support efforts that lend families and individuals a hand up toward self-reliance in times of need. We believe that, in a nation as prosperous as ours, no one should be denied access to basic human services.

Equality of opportunity

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue their dreams, no matter where they start out in life. We know that everyone in our society has something to contribute. As Democrats, we believe that people should be treated equitably to have a real opportunity for success. We recognize that our government plays an important role in ensuring fairness for all Americans.

Investing in the common good

We believe that our government should protect and provide for the public welfare and the common good. As Democrats, we support investments that enrich our communities and improve everyone’s quality of life. We believe in sustainable stewardship of our state’s natural resources to benefit current and future generations. Given the critical issues facing us, we believe that our representatives should rely on the best available evidence and science when making decisions.


We believe that America’s place is as a leader among nations. As Democrats, we believe that America should be a champion of democracy and human rights and a defender of science and technology. We know that America is stronger when we work with our partners and allies.


The Big Tent

We affirm that the Democratic Party is the Big Tent, open to all Utahns who share our fundamental values. We believe that our shared humanity transcends our differences. As Democrats, we will work together toward a better state and country for everyone.

This platform was approved by State Delegates at the 2020 Utah Democratic Party State Convention.

What Does The Republican Party Of Utah Stand For...

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  • A Stand For The Constitution!
  • A Stand For Our Communities 
  • A Stand For We The
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Let's Stand For Our Liberty!
  • Stand for the good of our families,
  • Stand for the good of our souls! 
  • Stand For The GOOD Of Mankind,
  • Stand for the good of our country,


WE The People Are...

  • Not Democrats,
  • Not Republicans,
  • Not Independents,
  • Not Liberals or Conservatives,
  • Not Black, White, Red or Brown ...
WE Are And Always Have Been...
The American People!

Bill Misrasi-The Peaceful Patriot

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Our focus will be on helping families, neighbors, friends, and people in the work place to have peaceful conversations about all political issues that have and continue to divide the country. It truly does not need to be that way. We should all be able to talk about all things in a peaceful manor with the right to express our constitutionally protected, God given right to our opinions without repercussions or fear of repression or get canceled by the all to familiar Cancel Culture! Help us lead the way to a more productive and peaceful America! An America where the Constitution really does have it's place.
Our secondary goal is going to be to bring a renewed awareness back to the people who have lingered long without a pure understanding of all the God given rights and privileges as they are defined and protected in the Constitution of the United States Of America.
It has been said ... “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke
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