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 What Is This New    Revolutionary
Network Of Community
Town Halls

(We Are A Non-Partisan Platform Representing All People Of America.)Lets Not Focus On Being Democrats, Republicans, Black, White, Red, Brown, Straight,Gay OrOtherwise.

It's All About
Empowering The Everyday People Of America

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Learn All About Us Below...

It's Time For "We The People"
To Take A Stand... 
In Our Communities!
Let's Not Forget
Who America Belongs To!
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One people!
We Are The Everyday People. America Is Ours Not the Governments. You Know... Of The People, By The People & For The People! 

It's Now Time For... 

We The
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To Take A Stand in Our communities!
Now We Can Be More Proactive 
In Making A Difference As Citizens In Our Communities?
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To Assist In The Process We Are Introducing:
In Every Community
In America!
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What Is The Purpose
Of Having A Town Hall In Every
Community In America?
A Network where we provide the Everyday People of America with a platform for their Voices to Be Heard...
Every day 24-7!
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most people Are busy trying to balance Life, work & community service. We Just don't have time to get to all the necessary meetings, such as City Council,  county commissions, school board and more. It's just to much most days.  
 Now through our organized Town Hall platform It can all come to us where ever we are and when ever we can take the time. We are making it a lot more easy for all people to participate on a regular schedule with out leaving their homes or work. 
It's A Place For
We The People... 

...To Be One

Who Are Pursuing A Desire For Life, Liberty Peace and Happiness 
For ...
328 million
of us!
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The Strongest Government Is Found Closest to The people!
Right Where We live... In Our Communities!

Now There is A Platform To Bring   
Organization To Our Community Service!

It is truly a platform that provides a "We The People's Network,"   where we can just "Be Americans First". A network of  Peaceful Patriotic Americans,  Everyday People of  Reason and Common Sense, that want to make a difference but don't know where to turn! It is a platform designed to give the Majority the ability to be Louder than the Minority. It's a platform that provides 328 Million Everyday People of America the ability to Express in a Loud Voice,   (A Roar!), Demanding our Liberty & our Peace,  Happiness, Safety, and our Freedom in our communities and across America. It's a platform where we can invite God back to help influence our behavior as we all try to love one another, because that is what He wants us to do. And, After all..."This Is His Country!" 
It is truly a platform that Empowers The People In Our Communities!"
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Now the local citizens
Can Always Be Connected..
. everything happening at the community level. If they can't make the scheduled "Town Hall" meeting on time, then they can replay it later or even on another day, and they can even still make comments on what was discussed.
Our platform is designed to provide a voice to every person who is willing to take or make some time at their convenience, to help make a difference in managing our out of control government representatives, while at the same time, giving everyone access to the most important and timely information about all things community. ​
Now every community in the country can have their very own turnkey"We The People's Town Hall" platform. It is designed to provide everyone in their community easy access on a regular basis to a plethora of interactive information and services. Not only can they access it, but they can interact with it at any time day or night.
It's All About Giving
Everyday People
A Platform For Their Voice To Be Heard & Action To Take Place!  
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 Listen to this
 1976 original hit
That Is Still So
Applicable Today! 
It's High Time To Fix This Almost
50 Year Old Issue
In America!
Building strong organized communities starts at the
local level!

It's got to be about individuals in the communities stepping up with a desire to do something. And then it's about providing those individuals with the ability and resources to take action. It's about not complaining about how things are, but instead, stand out and demand change! Let's not verbally destroy our current representatives just because they aren't doing things exactly as we wish, let's just peacefully express our discontent, demand true and transparent reporting of their actions, and then let's help find and support better people to run for offices in the next elections...

...then get out

and vote!

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Listen to the powerful words
of one of our greatest presidents!
​(In My Opinion)
Watch Video
The future of America
is truly in the hands of the people. It's literally up to us to make sure it continues as a free country! 
 It's Time To Awaken The Voice...
...Of the "Everyday People" In Our Communities and let them
Be Heard!
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It's Time We All Work Together In Our Communities.
  • Not As A Racists 
  • Not As Minorities
  • Not AS Dissenters
  • Not As Intimidators
  • Not Spreaders of False Narratives
Just Transparent  Everyday American People...Who Love Their Neighbors, Communities, Country and Their FREEDOMS!
Even Though We Are Just One Person In A Small Community In A
Great Big Country...
we are also "One part" of what makes up the more than 328 Million,   "Everyday People" In America!
We Are Also One Individual Living In One Community That Makes up the  thousands of Local Communities That Is The Make Up of  America.
...And Each One Of Us In Each Of Our Communities Can Truly Make A Difference When We Act Together!
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Let's Get Proactive In our Communities, Where Our Voices Can Be
Heard and our actions Can Truly Make A
It can all happen now in the most powerful & Revolutionary
Peoples Community Platform.

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We are building Town Halls in Every Community in America. See what it takes to get one in your community today. It's FREE! 
Let's Peacefully Speak Out & clearly Demand to be
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by those who we have elected to represent us. Let's hold them accountable! 
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It Is Truly Time For All Americans To Take A Stand!
Let's Be Re-Awakened And...

Let's Be Heard!

all 328,000,000 of us
"Everyday people" 
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 This Is The Call To Action  
We Invite You To Start A
"We The People's Town Hall"
In Your Community Today!